Sunday, January 10, 2010

More WIP Cherries

Today, I worked a bit more on the cherries and have made a pretty good muddy mess out of them. My camera has the saucer looking very blue/purple and it's not actually that dark in real life. However, I am definitely going back in and lift most of that color off the saucer as it is way too heavy. Should have left it white, but that's hindsight. I am also not happy with the cherries and decided I would make Raniers out of them rather than Bings, but now am going back with reds to change them back to Bings. It's really rather fun to work on a piece, decide that it has too many problems to like the finished painting, but go ahead and work on it anyway. I can always learn from everything I paint so I don't ever think the effort is wasted. Am trying to decide now what grays I want to use for the white tablecloth the place is sitting on...going to have to throw it to the maroon gray I think...we'll see. I'm trying to paint and watch Green Bay and Arizona play ball at the same time...I should know better by now! But, sure did enjoy watching the Cowboys stomp the Eagles. Ha!!


  1. I love this painting, Mollie! You are so good with the reds and with that china. Did your painting interfere with your football watching?

  2. Hi Nita. Thanks for your comment. No way did it interfere! Just wish I had been there in person as that stadium is to die for!