Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Red

Since I'm rather tired of looking at the abstract I painted for my son, and since I'm not finished with 3 paintings I am working on right now, I thought I'd post a favorite until I can get my act together and finish something.

My friend, Rose Gesford, (who is possibly my biggest "fan"), added this guy to her collection of roosters and it looks great on her wall. It's very gratifying when a friend wants to purchase one of your paintings...especially when they are watercolorists themselves.

Big Red is actually the "man" of my chicken ranch (the Texas girls from Artcolony have named my place so aptly). For those of you who know nothing about how really stupid chickens are in general...the hens don't even go into the chicken house at night unless he leads them. Such a funny sight to watch them around sundown as you might call it "single file, Indian style". I do have other little bantam roosters, but Big Red is King of the Roost for sure.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Untitled Abstract

Thought I'd show you an abstract that I painted for my son yesterday. Please keep in mind...I don't do abstracts!!! I'm a very realistic painter at heart, but when your son needs a painting and his mother happens to be an artist...he gets a painting. It is an acrylic, 30 x 40 in size which is large for me, and was done strictly for the colors that they use in their home. I'm so partial to reds and brighter colors that this was somewhat challenging in color selection, but they needed a really contemporary painting to go in their really contemporary home. We actually found a similar piece in a home decorating magazine and decided that this banded color technique would work really will fit in perfectly in the hills of north Austin.