Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas Greta

A group of us from the area paint together (as I've mentioned before) in Bullard every Tuesday and Friday at the home of Greta Faulkenberry. She has a gorgeous home and decorates "to the nines" for Christmas. So, last week she brought some of her ornaments down for us to play around with and I selected some red ones (or course) to do a mini painting. We don't all paint the same things...just whatever strikes our fancy. She doesn't read our blogs, so she will be surprised when she sees this little painting framed and wrapped and given to her at our Christmas party tomorrow. I've also posted it on Artcolony. This is only 5x7 and was done in an afternoon session, but very loosly painted and was lots of fun. I just love red...obviously!:) As I mentioned in the other blog, it's so affirming when one of your painting friends really admires absolutely everything you paint! Ha!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mandavilla Vine

This is the little painting done this morning in our Friday session. It's small...8x11...so it's one of those quickie paintings that are loose and fun. I was really wanting to play with the background and try some negative painting, but needed to quit early today to get ready to go to Austin to babysit in the morning. My daughter-in-law is going to NY to visit for the weekend and my son gets an assistant for his 7 month old. Not a bad gig for Grammy. I'm going to take my painting gear as I'll be there for at least the next 3 days. We'll see if I have time to do any painting.

Painting Day

Every Tuesday and Friday a group of us meet at an artist friend's "art retreat" south of Tyler for a few hours of painting and gossip. We are painting as peers and not teacher/students and it is such fun. For anyone who wants to see real progress in their work, just schedule these regular sessions and you'll be surprised how you progress. I have referred to the "Ruidoso ladies" many times in the past and this group is those artists. Our hostess, Greta Faulkenberry has spoiled us rotten with individual tables, lights, brush holders, tissue, a giant light box, cable tv w/stereo music of our choice...I could go on and on about the comforts of our studio. I think her husband, John, is very indulgent of us and I need to pass along a "thank you" to him also. If I finish what I'm working on this morning, I'll try to get it posted this afternoon. The weather people are saying that we might get a little snow today so I'm trying to make a sweep through my gardens to make sure that I've moved everything into the studio that I want to save through the winter. Don't know why I have soooooo many plants???

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Red

This guy is my favorite rooster in my chicken kingdom. He is very gentle and eats out of my hand...and the ladies all like him as he shares his bug finds with them. And, he knows that he is handsome. Too bad I couldn't come up with a more original name. Ha! I am going to try to post a bit more of what I am working on and have made a promise to myself to post at least one painting a week. I'm still working on the Glass n'Stripes and hope to have it finished before too much longer. And, on our Artcolony blog we are having a Christmas painting exchange and I will post Ellie's painting as soon as we "open" our gifts from each other. It has to remain a secret for a little while. Janie Freeman drew my name and I'm very excited to have an original from her.