Thursday, July 12, 2012

Judy's Rose...a tweak

After living with Judy's Rose for just a little while, I decided it was too cool in the blues.  So, I did some glazing with yellows over the blue leaves and rewet the background to the upper left and mopped some yellows around.  Also tweaked the rose with a bit more dark gamboge/perm rose mix here and there and it made such a difference in brightening up the painting.  Funny how those little glazes make such a great difference.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Judy's Rose

This is a rose that is from one of my PaintingFriend's garden...Judy Buckingham of Portland, Oregon.  We were trying to come up with a rather simple flower or design to work out a weaving for our August trip and I decided I'd paint one of her roses.   I wanted a really limited palette to work with...AJ gamboge, perm rose, sap, sap deep, undersea green, UM and midnight blue... I find it hard to paint loosely and really enjoy mopping colors around for backgrounds...maybe it's because I couldn't decide whether to paint negative shapes or took the easier way out.  With all my drawings done for my upcoming trip, I felt it was best to get back to painting before I got too rusty...ha.