Sunday, September 25, 2011


For more than a month now, I've had this cherry and glass painting drawn off and was in the mood to start it. As I started painting the gamboge into the glass there on the right, I realized that I was painting off the wrong reference photograph! And to make things worse, when I left that area, and decided to paint the cherries to get some color in, I forgot to lay a wash of gamboge down on my cherries. Red glows when you put yellow under've changed the cherries from Bing's(the really dark reds/burgundy) to Rainiers...and since I don't have the right ref in drawing or color...this one may be a flop. But...somebody told me "it's only paper" so we'll see. Since we're out of cherry season here in Texas at the grocery store, looks like Google will be my new friend as fellow artist Rose Gesford took pity on me and found a site with wonderful colorful photos of the rainiers.

Friday, September 23, 2011


On a wonderful forum I share with some great artists, PaintingFriends, we have a challenge monthly where we all paint the same reference photo and post it on the 20th of each month. This month's challenge was of a cardinal in snow. My cardinal wasn't exactly "in" snow...I make the mask "snow" on her and obviously all around the painting...went a bit overboard with the masking, but the paint was lots of fun...and isn't what this artist world is all about?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

YouTube Crystal Video from Florida

While painting with friends in Florida last month, a video was made of me painting crystal and is now on YouTube...just go there...go to paintingfriends channel...type in "mollie jones crystal" and search and there I am. There is also one of me doing my cactus demo. There are lots of the painting done in progression in short 2 to 8 minute segments. It was really lots of fun doing and was my first adventure with somebody videoing...hope some of you will take a look. comments about my deep East Texas accent...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deb's Delight

This wonderful "applitini" (aka martini) is from a final evening dinner we shared while in Florida on my recent visit/painting/bonding adventure with my friends from "paintingfriends" forum. ( Great bunch of artists and great painters to boot...hope you'll drop in if you have a spare minute.

One of my friends, Deb Townsend from NY, ordered this one and the colors were so marvelous in the restaurant light that we just had to photo it...knowing that somebody would paint it. Well, guess who loves to paint glass and reds? Anyway, I've just posted a WIP paint along on the forum site for anybody who might want to visit the site. Just as soon as I get around to resizing some of my Florida adventure photos, I'm hoping to do a little recap of our wonderful week...just got to find the time.