Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Thanks to one of my Artcolony blog friends, Bitsy Gibson, for the title to my latest painting.  Had so much blue going on except the pinks and greens in the hydrangeas and was totally stumped for a good title.  This paintings was mostly done in mid-tones...which is pretty hard for me to do since I usually charge in with lots of color...but I'm enjoying the calmness amidst all the busy elements.  Now it's time for another one, and there are some "must paints" that are calling my name.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Silver/Crystal WIP

Here's where I stopped today.  Seems that I have another decision to make about the crystal.  When I did the drawing, I decided to keep it on the sparse side facet-wise as the rest of the painting is really busy so I wanted to "slow it down" a bit.  It is half sheet, so there's lots of "stuff" going on.   Now I'm thinking that there aren't enough facets in the decanter as the many facets seem to be what attracts me to painting crystal, and now I'm thinking it may be too sparse.  Also, I'll wait to do my value adjustments until I decide what to do here.  Ah, the trials and decisions of we artists...but...that's what makes us such perfectionists it seems...too much, not enough...I'll just sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Silver/Crystal WIP

After taking a really long time off from posting to my blog (and I'm ashamed of myself for having my muse stay in Portugal) I decided I'd best get back with the program and start painting seriously again.  Found this drawing from last year that I had just not wanted to tackle...and I'm still thinking I'm crazy for jumping back in with this one...but I do love to paint silver and one is coming along nicely.  Hopefully I'll get it finished this coming week.  The silver topped decanter is one from my sister-in-law and the karaf is from a neighbor after I admired it so...too bad both are empty...ha.