Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lemons and Candlewick Glass

Here is the final version of the glass painting...I think.  I darkened the background more to the blue side than green, and strengthened some shadows here and there.  There may be more value work to do there in the right hand bottom's funny how you can see more things to do after you post something.  The cloth was fun to paint even though it sure played jitterbug with my eyes.  I enjoyed working with the blues and yellows.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lemons and Candlewick WIP

Decided to go ahead and post this WIP.  We're having our PaintingFriends SplashIII adventure in SanDiego in September this round.  I'm trying to zero in on what I'm going to demo for my friends and needed to get started.  After working on this little ditty today, I've decided that this one is not going to be on the menu...too much crossed eyed action with all the stripes in the plaid going on...our goal is to paint one in just one day and this one just won't fit the bill.  I'm enjoying the limited palette...just yellows, blues and greens...and it'll get done tomorrow.  I've been having fun doing photo setups this past couple of weeks...lots of new stuff to paint rolling around in my head.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cherry Tomatoes n'China

This is a small demo WIP I did for our Painting Friends Forum for July...thought the lace turned out pretty fair for a detail oriented artist who is trying to paint a bit looser ever now and then.  I enjoyed the little hits and misses of the lace really don't have to paint everything you see like I usually try to tell my brain.  Anyway, it was another fun painting to do.  Arches 140 and 8x10 size.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spiced Oranges's been so long since I've posted anything I've almost forgotten how to go about it.  I have been painting...honestly...just nothing that I really enjoyed enough to post.  This spring has been spent mostly in my new sun garden (which is burning up now in the Texas sun) and watering gardens for two friends who have had hip surgery and broken bones...maybe they don't need to claim our friendship because seems that I have another friend having hip replacement surgery next week...hummmm.

This little painting was a fun paint...bright happy colors, and reds...8x10 on Arches 140.  I just have to have reds somewhere to enjoy painting.  I had found the jar of spiced oranges in a magazine long ago and tore it out...I added the cherries into the mix, blueberries, and the plaid cloth for interest.  There was no background that I felt I wanted to tackle, so I took the easy way out and just painted it solid...but it was good to get back to painting.