Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Got Milk?"

This is my painting for our Artcolony "white challenge" that was due the first of January and I'm just now getting it done. Why do we artists put stuff off until the last minute? I seem to like to work under pressure...crazy, huh? While I was drinking my little glass of milk this morning I got the idea to paint milk...it's white...it'd work for the challenge. So, I got out a blue napkin, photo'ed the setup, painted it today at Greta's art retreat and made the deadline. It's only 5x7 but it was a fun paint. Next month our challenge will be something RED. I really thought about putting a Hershey's white wrapped Mr.Goodbar with little red hearts they have out for Valentines at the base of the glass, but the AC gals would accuse me of cheating...so I thought better of it. I did eat the chocolate instead.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Cuppa with Suzy"

This weekend we had a marvelous torn paper collage workshop with Suzy Powell from Plains, Texas. Since my favorite color is red, I'm certain nobody is surprised at this collage. This was my first attempt at the medium, and I must say that I'm very pleased with this one. Suzy is a wonderful teacher and the 14 who were in her class all finished at least one collage...and several did two. We held the workshop at fellow artist Greta Faulkinberry's art retreat in Bullard, Texas...which is right down the road from me here in Noonday. Suzy is also one of my artist friends our Artcolony blog. I'm also thrilled to say that Suzy posted a gorgeous collage recently of two sparkling wine glasses, "A Touch of Red", on Artcolony and it now lives at my house. For any of you who have admired collage, but just haven't tried it...jump in! It is soooo much fun, and you can use all the creativity you can muster. My next one is a piece lemon maringue pie...and it'll have photos of diamonds in it's makeup...doesn't that sound like fun.