Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue Stripes

Here is a little painting challenge that has been done for my PaintingFriends group. Each month one of our artists posts a painting that we are to all paint in our own interpretation and post on the 20th of each month on the PF site. It's always amazing and fun to see how we each have our own take on the reference photo. This particular ref photo had turquoise FiestaWare and a cloth with orangy/red stripes that I couldn't make work to save my life. So, I added apples to the bowl, changed the color to white with blue stripes, changed the green in the stripes from Kelly to turned into a fun and colorful painting.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Here is my latest portrait of my little granddaughter, Isabella. She has the longest eyelashes imaginable. Her hair is really a "bird nest" here, but when she piles it up on her head...that's what it looks like to her Grammy. I painted this Friday and matted and swapped out a frame to give to my daughter for Mother's Day...she loved it. (What else could she tell her artist mother?)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Judy's Lilies

One of my PaintingFriends, Judy Buckingham, posted her reference photo on our forum with a question on the shadows and asked some advice about colors. Her lilies were a cool hue like WN yellow or lemon and she wasn't happy with the green/blue/grey shadows she had painted. My suggestion was to try to take the photo to the warm side as there were warm colors in the English daisies, so this was my take on it painted yesterday. I found that WN yellow and gamboge/quin burnt orange/perm red looked awful together...who knew? So, I had to throw the whole thing to the warm side and just go with a cool background. This changed the whole intent of Judy's keeping the cool yellows, so she's going back in with some purples and blues to see what she can do...So, doesn't look like I was of any help...Ha.