Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Workshop WIP's

I've decided to go ahead and post my WIP's from the workshop. A bunch from our art retreat are going up to Greta Faulkinberry's home in Ruidoso, NM on Friday morning for a glorious week of painting and escaping our Texas heat. So, I know I won't get back to these until we get back...too busy wrapping up odds and ends here.

This workshop was crammed with laughter, knowledge, and actually good work from all of us...very unusual for a workshop. I'm not a "workshop" painter at all, but was pretty pleased with what we did. The crystal/glass painting is probably 3/4's finished, and the abstract floral in "probably" finished...gotta live with it a bit longer. When I get them finished, I'll go into the colors and a bit of the process with Guy's floral...

So...I'll be off line for probably a week from my blog. We do have internet at the house, and I'll be checking in here and all know how adicting this computer stuff has become


  1. They both look fabulous so far. Have a wonderful time on the big trip.

  2. They look stunning!
    Have a wonderful time, look forward to seeing what you've painted when you return xx

  3. These are looking just beautiful, I'll certainly be popping back to see how they develop...have fun!

  4. Thanks Mary, Pat and Caroline...see you all when I get back.

  5. Both paintings are beautiful! Have fun!