Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ruidoso Colors

Seems as I'm always posting a work in progress and then not getting around to reposting the finished painting. One of these afternoons (if it'll ever rain in Texas again) I'll try to go back and post them all.

When in NM last week, our hostess had so many treasures we could use for setups and this little cream/sugar combo was too good and too colorful to pass up. Was going to paint the Bing cherries Rainiers, but decided on the dark ones after all. I'm at a stage now where most of you haven't seen just how much white I leave all over my paintings. You can always go back and kill just can't ever get that white back if you kill it will be decisions to make. I'm not sure that I like the color of the plate and have stopped to make my decision about going to another color all together. That pinkish color is the actual color of the pottery and I'm just not sold on it. Decisions...decisions.

I always love to paint cherries 'cause they feed my red cravings, and this little pottery set fit in just right. Will try to get this finished this afternoon.

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