Friday, August 27, 2010

Ritzy Rose WIP

I'm still struggling with these silly stripes on Ritzy Rose. I'm ignoring them for a while as I've really wanted to get to the little teapot. So, now I'm looking at the stripes again in the reflection of the bottom of the teapot. They start there at the cloth and fade upward into the reds...I'm guessing that this will take several glazes with the different reds even after I put the stripes in...stay tuned...


  1. It definitely has the WOW factor. Keep on is a fun piece.

  2. You know how to pick a challenge! Looking great.

  3. Thanks, Mary and Sharon...I actually think I've finished this one.

  4. Forget about the stripes, they are great :) !
    But the Teapot; this is the Real Thing! I adore the reflections on it; the highlights and the shapie tea-belly.

    Thank you Mollie,