Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bookmark Fun

I belong to a wonderful forum, Painting Friends, and we have this little bookmark exchange going to right now and this is my original bookmark all laminated and already in the mail. I can post it here on my blog and even if some of the PR'ers see it...they won't know where it is going. It's been great fun.

Had the lamination done at FedX (old Kinko's), made copies and had 4 others made for grandchildren (especially 7 yr old GS who reads everything he can get his hands on) and the whole cost was only $6.45...what a deal. These exchanges are always so much fun and they give us wonderful little originals from friends afar.


  1. What a wonderful exchange idea...and a wonderful bookmark, Mollie.

  2. Thanks Christiane...I think it's a great idea also as every time you use the bookmark, you'll think of the friend who sent it.

  3. Beautiful bookmark, Mollie!
    I can almost taste those cookies :)

  4. I love this idea! The painting bookmark exchange and also the Painting Friends forum. You are good at finding friends, Mollie! :)