Monday, May 31, 2010

Country Cups

Here is the finished painting of the cute veggie mugs...I think. Although I do like the blue tomato cup, there seems to be something about the painting that is not setting exactly right with me. I'm thinking it is the composition itself so I'll have to figure out what (if anything other than just putting it aside..ha) I can do. My feel is that it is too heavy on the left corner and maybe to light on the right side. I did ask some of my artist friends on Painting Friends for their takes, and I think they were just being kind with their critiques... One suggested that the red semi-circle on the left possibly didn't read quite right (that's a red pepper handle from another cup laying on it's side) and the other suggested that I might need a cast shadow from the carrot cup, but I'm thinking that it may be more'll just live with it a few more days. I do enjoy the blue cup though and, as usual, just had to paint that dark handle reflection first...just love to fool with the darks.

1 comment:

  1. well what do those fun folks know??? LOL i think its a great painting and im glad you told me what the handle is... :) i love the colors mollie.. you have a very distinct style.. and i love it...!!!!!