Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Present from Kay

Here is the demo painting that Kay Smith gave me for my birthday last week. I just love it!! Kay is so good at collage and this one is done on the BACK of some acid free matboard, torn newspaper applied and also her favorite tissue...toilet seat cover papers (makes a wonderful texture in the background...heehee). She did a very simple basic drawing and then started to work her magic, and it all came together beautifully. It's going to frame up around 18x24 and going up in my soon to be cleaned out and remodeled painting room.

It's named "The Rat Pack" 'cause the middle kitty is a spitting image of my long gone cat "Frankie" (names for Mr.Sinatra, of course) and I have a black/white guy and my oldest cat, Baby, is an orange lady just like this one. Thanks so much, Kay....I just love it.


  1. Lucky you Mollie! What a great piece.

  2. Thanks Sharon & Skizo...I already have it matted and framed! I think it's so special.