Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kay Smith Workshop

Here are the 3 Texas chicks...minus Nita Bridges who couldn't make it due to a bad sinus infection. The workshop was wonderful and Kay worked her magic on two fabulous demos. Each only took her about 2 hours to paint and her technique is amazing...such clean colors make any watercolorist's mouth water. Needless to say, we'll have her back real soon (if we can talk her into another 7 hour drive from West Texas). Debbie Cannatella, our other artist friend had a long drive from Corpus, but she is also in town to teach a workshop this coming week.

Kay painted the veggies the first day and we were so proud of the paintings we produced. Both the demos were half sheet paintings. The Saturday demo of the hollyhocks was sold to our artist friend Greta Faulkinberry and she only got it because she asked first..ha! The colors on both are amazing and so clean and all watercolorists strive for that quality that Kay presents in her paintings.


  1. Just beautiful work!! Looks like a fabulous workshop, and a slumber party too, how fun for you all. And a big Happy Birthday to you Mollie.

  2. Thanks're next! Ha!