Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pass the Salt WIP

Looks like I'm back to painting reds again. Today at the ArtRetreat, I finished up my Country Cups (had to make some adjustments) and didn't have anything planned to paint. So, I quickly drew off a cluster of tomatoes and painted them. As usual, I laid down a wash of gamboge over the entire tomatoes before going to the reds. After I got home, I decided to try to make a painting out of the cluster without doing a reference photo (not an easy task for me). I made up the pottery pieces and found an old salt shaker in the cabinet and drew it in. It's sorta off kelter a bit as I did it freehand, but that's okay...I'm an artist (ha!). Since I'm not crazy about painting at night, I'll take it back up in the good daylight. Gotta decide what else to put in...a wooden tabletop, some sort of napkin, a tablecloth, a windowsill arrangement??? I'll think about it and decide tomorrow (just call me Scarlet).


  1. Hi Mollie,

    Such beautiful, glowing watercolors! Been a pleasure browsing your blog and admiring your art.