Saturday, May 29, 2010

WIP Country Cups

Thought I'd post a WIP that a friend from our art retreat, Susan Chesley, and I worked on at her house today. We had taken some setup pictures when we painted Friday, and I thought a whole handful of them were especially printed several out and we both decided on this one. It's really fun to be painting the same thing 'cause with our different techniques, the same thing usually turns out to be quite different...sorta confusing??? Anyway, this is quarter sheet, painted dark to light to get my values down, and I do have another day's work to finish this. And, since this is a holiday weekend and I don't have company coming, I can declare tomorrow a painting day. Of course, there's the fooling with all the chickens, gathering eggs, feed and watering (I moved my dozen baby chicks down to the big pen Wednesday) so I now made twice the work on myself (ghezzz). This is in addition to watering all my flowers and plants and trying to get a truckload of bark mulch put out...oh, well...let's now say "I hope" to finish tomorrow.


  1. Looking good.. I hope you get to finish it this weekend xx

  2. Woo-hoo!!! I love this painting, Mollie. I'll be painting this weekend also.