Friday, September 23, 2011


On a wonderful forum I share with some great artists, PaintingFriends, we have a challenge monthly where we all paint the same reference photo and post it on the 20th of each month. This month's challenge was of a cardinal in snow. My cardinal wasn't exactly "in" snow...I make the mask "snow" on her and obviously all around the painting...went a bit overboard with the masking, but the paint was lots of fun...and isn't what this artist world is all about?


  1. Fun is what its all about - and you had that, and came out with a stunning painting to boot! Bravo! xx

  2. looking good there kiddo.. lots of birdies singing or freezing on the blogs today.. i just noticed you never joined by blog???? boo hoo

    have a fun day and enjoy your pancakes...:)

  3. Uppppppss,'s added now...thought you were already on there. I just click on your name on to check your blog. Bad's fixed now and is on my blog roll now. No penalties, please...ha.

  4. Wow that blue makes me feel the cold. The bird is lovely. I would like to see a few green pine needles to make me think of Christmas.