Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deb's Delight

This wonderful "applitini" (aka martini) is from a final evening dinner we shared while in Florida on my recent visit/painting/bonding adventure with my friends from "paintingfriends" forum. (http://www.paintingfriends.com/). Great bunch of artists and great painters to boot...hope you'll drop in if you have a spare minute.

One of my friends, Deb Townsend from NY, ordered this one and the colors were so marvelous in the restaurant light that we just had to photo it...knowing that somebody would paint it. Well, guess who loves to paint glass and reds? Anyway, I've just posted a WIP paint along on the forum site for anybody who might want to visit the site. Just as soon as I get around to resizing some of my Florida adventure photos, I'm hoping to do a little recap of our wonderful week...just got to find the time.


  1. Oh, Mollie, super colors and great glass. It also looks like a terrific drink:-)

  2. This is beautiful! Those colors and the reflections... it's awesome!

  3. Thanks, Christiane...Finally got this Blogger glitch fixed and can comment on my own blog...sure was distracting. Glad that your gallery show is going well.

    Hi Katherine...thanks for stopping by. This glass stuff is always fun to paint.

    Thanks Arianna...I always appreciate y'all's encouragement.

  4. Mollie: Barbara and I saw your article in Piney Woods Live publication. Good to catch up after what--45 years? I don't have any of my watercolors in my blog but you can see a few of them at my Website: http://www.earlysundownstudio.com/WatercolorThumbs.html

    You may enjoy some of my prose and/or jelly-making experience at my blog:

    Most of my current creative juices flow into my digital photography which can be seen at http://www.babby.smugmug.com/