Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beach Cottage...Indian Rocks Beach

It's been a few weeks since I've posted and it's not that I've been sitting on the couch eating bonbon's...that's for sure.  I'm getting ready to leave next Saturday for a wonderful week of friendship renewing and painting with my friends from PaintingFriends forum...and it can't come soon enough.  This little pink beach cottage is just one of a whole row that we found during our trip last summer.  We loved the area that we're going back to the same place. 

Florida is hot...but in Texas.  At least we'll have the sugar sand of the Gulf of Mexico to walk on rather than the crunchy brown grass we have here right now...and you can always count on a breeze on the Gulf.  I'm actually working on a little blue cottage to paint while there and may even paint a little Key Lime Cottage (as yummy key lime pie that's my absolute favorite) in greens.  We'll definitely do another little sidebar and take some more photos...they're l940-50 vintage cottages and we need to get them down in paint before they're gone...maybe won't be any time soon hopefully.


  1. Mollie, I have the eye surgery the 13th and 27 of this month. Thanks for encouraging me to come...if you are even near Venice you must stop by for a cool drink. Have fun.

  2. Sorry that our timing is off, Mary...we'd love to have you come up but totally understand. Maybe next trip.

  3. Hi Mollie - say "hi" to Madeira Beach and Treasure Island if you get that far south! I remember all of those little beach cottages along "Gulf Alley" on M.B. and along John's Pass at the north end of T.I. - don't know if they are still there but might be worth a road trip for you and your friends if they are! Wow, you have brought up so many memories for me just reading your post. My friends and I are leaving on Sat. for our annual painting retreat, also - so you and I will have some paintings and memories to share when we return from our respective trips. I'll look forward to checking your blog when I return. Hope you all have a safe, fun and productive painting trip!

  4. What a joyful painting! Arianna

  5. Thanks, Christiane...I'm so excited to get there even if I do have to get up at 4 to catch a 6 o'clock plane.

    Deb...I read on your blog that you were going on your annual painting retreat. Where do you guys go, and when will you be coming back? Know you'll have a marvelous time and I'll also look at your blog to see what y'all painted. Have loads of fun...

    Thanks Arianna...these little cottages are absolutely darling. I hope they stand forever. Looking forward to getting some more good pics this trip.