Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Blue Cottage...Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Here is the little blue companion cottage I painted this year from our wonderful week of painting in Indian Rocks Beach.  These little cottages are all strung out together with parking in the front and they're on a little side street opening...unseen from the main street...we just happened to stumble upon them last year and were determined to paint them again.  Now there's another waiting in the wings...and it has a name...Key Lime Cottage.  Of course I'll get that one painted also as key lime pie is my very favorite and that little cottage has my name written all over it.  Didn't get the demos of the crystal and silver finished, but they did do a video of can find it on YouTube.  The one from last year is listed as "glass" and this year's is listed under my name with "crystal" for one and "silver" for the other.  It was so much fun, and we got out of there in enough time to miss Hurricane Isaac. 

A friend from California and I drove from Florida to New Orleans and spent a few days there...she caught the train home...I caught the plane home.  Got lots of wonderful photos of the FrenchQuarter, very interesting casual photos of people, the wonderful architecture of NewOrleans, some of the local scenes...and left some money at the local casino...that part wasn't much fun, but it did add to a wonderful vacation of play and painting.


  1. Isn't this place wonderful. André and I had a condo there right on the beach. Sadly with September ll we had to sell the insurance prices and all were getting to high. We had this for a few years and used to go twice a year for a month.

    Your paintings are wonderful. They brought back so many beautiful memories.

    Glad you had a great time Mollie nice to have you back missed you very much.

  2. Thanks, Christiane. Good to be back, but we could have painted another week and been happy. Love that new pencil work you're doing. And yes, I'd have hated to sell a little cottage such as this one...they're so quaint.

  3. Glad those little cottages are still on the beach - they scream "Old Florida" - before all the big condos came in and destroyed the character of those little barrier islands. Glad you got out before Isaac came in - and had a great time! Bet you are looking forward to next year!