Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Here is where I am on the cherry painting right now.l I worked a bit at art retreat yesterday, but one of our girls had just come in from her European trip...workshop with KarlynHolman and then meet-up with her church in Israel...we had a good "show and tell" time. Then, we're making our yearly trip to Ruidoso, NM for a week next Wednesday and we had to plan a bit for that. So, my painting time wasn't too long. I'm still having to take lots of "artist's liberties" on this one as my reference photo is not what I drew (bummer) so I've changed lots of colors and shapes. When I get it finished, I'll see if I can post the ref and painting side by side so you can see my challenge.

I always lay a glaze of AJ Gamboge down under anything red to get a glow...when I was shifting colors in the facets I couldn't make up my mind on some colors and values so I decided to go to the bottom and work on the cherries. This is what I seem to do when I want to "put off" making major decisions...ha. Hope to finish this by the weekend.


  1. This is indeed looking very good, Mollie. I love your background color! It's so nice to see the cherries through the glass...