Thursday, October 13, 2011


This one is going into my "stack of stuff" finished pile this afternoon. There was a bit more to do with the reflections here and there and also finishing the base of the glass since my last post. My "Painting Friends" buddy, Judy Buckingham, from Oregon is a rainiers cherry expert and she tells me that the cherries are not quite this red, but she'll forgive me...after all...they started out as Bings... I love how we artists can change our minds in mid stream. I'm pleased with the clean crystal facets on the's always fun when you like something you paint.


  1. Oh, this is soooo nice, Mollie! Beautiful crystal, cherries and background. I love it!

  2. The painting is gorgeous indeed. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. It looks fab Mollie!
    I wouldn't know a Rainier from a Bing, so I just see a fabulous painting of a crystal glass with scrumptious cherries. :)
    I think your stack of stuff needs an international holiday :) :)

  4. Thanks Christiane...I can always count on you for a positive eye. Really love painting crystal.

    Hello Deshmukh...just took a look at your do wonderful work. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks, Pat...this was really a fun paint. Hopefully like your peacock...ha.

  5. It looks like you pulled it looks like glass. Nice job, Mollie.

  6. Hi Mollie... how are you?
    I don´t know why I didn´t follow your blog earlier!!!!!!!!
    I miss you so much... I have stopped painting for a long while... life was very very hard... it still is, but I am back to painting for a few months now... it kind of keeps me sane... and I am inspired again by my work in the theatre, there is so much beauty around me ...
    Love your work , as always, great colours and execution
    take care

  7. Thanks, know how much I love to paint glass.

    Oh, Jamila...I have wondered what had happen to you so many times...I so admired your work on PaintingFriends. Sure wish you had time to come back on...we're all still there and still painting up a storm. So happy that you are painting again...

  8. The transparency of the crystal is spectacular! This is something I never tried, and wouldn't know where to start :-))
    All your paintings are just fab!

  9. Thanks for stopping by Jane...painting crystal is really fun...hope you'll try it one's not all that hard to do.