Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Suzy Powell's Kohl's Debut

One of my Artcolony artist friends, Suzy Powell, has several of her fabulous torn paper collages offered for sale at Kohl'sDepartmentStores. I dropped by our Kohl's in Tyler and got the manager to snap this photo to send to Suzy. These collages are just one of her many talents as she is also a fabulous watercolorist. She is from a little bitty town waaaaaaay out in West Texas (Plains) which is about 9 miles from the NM border so no telling how the store buyer found her, but we're all very excited for her in this new venture. If you're in a Kohl's...look at their art and home decor section. They also have a TexasBoot that is wonderful, but don't have it out on the floor yet. I just love knowing famous people!!


  1. awww.Mollie! you are such a dear friend! thank you so much for all your kind words, and encouragement. I am very honored and humbled to call you my friend...and thank you for spreading the word!!

  2. Congrats to Suzy!
    Hope the collages sell well :) xx

  3. What a great venue! Congratulations to Suzy and thank you to you Mollie for sharing this.

  4. thanks Pat and Christiane! I appreciate the kind words!
    i HOPE they sell too! that would be awesome for them to have to 'reprint'