Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello Margaritaville!!!

My blog will go "unattended" for the next week as I'm leaving early in the morning for Cancun, Mexico. I'm really excited about getting out of our cold weather for a little while. And, I'm excited about the prospect of painting plein aire as I've never taken the time or interest to paint outside. I'm taking a little travel pallete (am only loading cobalt, sap green, aliz crim, burnt sienna, new gamboge, perm rose as I can make everything I want from this limited pallete), one #8 round Black Velvet brush (as that's all I ever paint with anyway) and a good sketch book from Cheap Joe's. I'll take it in my carry-on as I'd be a really unhappy camper if my luggage wound up in Russia or somewhere! Ha! When I get home, I'll promise to post a few of the they good or bad! Ghezzz...what am I promising?


  1. Can't wait to see your sketches since I was on a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise last wk with stops at Cozumel and Jamaica.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. I watch your blog and you're just about the busiest artist I know. I've never worked plein air, so it may be a screaming disaster...we'll see.