Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Purple Onions WIP

This painting started out as purple figs, but my little 7 year old grandson, Henry, said "Grammy, I like your purple onions" so guess it's onions I'm painting rather than figs. This photo is on the dark side, but it's rainy outside today and I took the pic inside. This one is really fun to paint in that I can be rather loosey-goosey and just throw in colors as I please. I even rather like that orange onion next to the dark purple one. Those are the only two that I'd consider probably finished at this point. I'm working from the right corner to left this time, so there is a good bit of glazing and shadow-work to be done yet...not to mention that I'm still drawing on it here and there. One of our granddaughters (Addy, 9 mos.) was here this weekend and gave us both colds, so we're just sorry it isn't the weekend so we can lay around and watch the SuperBowl and all the pre-game stuff. On second thought, I don't need an excuse to just lay around. I can always paint.

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