Thursday, February 11, 2010


This painting will be a new challenge for me in that I've never painted reflective silver before. I bought this little collander last month and have been itching to paint something with better on a really cold and cloudy day than red cherries? I work dark to light, so I just had to get into those dark reflections first and I am about l 1/2 hours into the painting. Have some decisions to make about where my green in the collander is coming from before I go any further as there is really no green other than the few cherry stems in the reference photo. Maybe I'll make a window out of that background or something...who knows? I just wanted to introduce a bit more color. When I was in the Paul Jackson workshop several weeks ago, we used indigo and I was totally unfamiliar with it and it's habits. I've used it again here with some neutral tint added to take the blue down. This is I may get it finished today.


  1. Hi Mollie, wow there are wonderful reflections. And your reds ........... they are simply luscious. As I said, you have such a wonderful style ... I just love your work.