Thursday, August 13, 2009

Glass WIP


Very seldom do I ever post a work in progress, but I'm feeling that I need to give this one a rest for a bit and redraw some of the stripes which I seem to have lost in translation. Don't know why I am drawn to these rather complicated paintings and glass setups, but I am. My intention was to "tiptoe" in by painting light to dark, but I'm finding that I need to go back to Joyce Faulknor's technique and go dark to light as this method maps the piece for me and I can better judge my values. I know in my head that these stripes are going to be fun to do, but when I actually begin painting, without the roadmap of the darks, they all look alike. So, we'll see how this goes tomorrow. Since we've had somewhat cooler temps around here, the garden is beckoning me so I'll have to withstand painting until I can get some weeds pulled, but that won't take long.

My Artcolony blog has our monthly challenge deadline coming right up (15th) so I may actually try to come up with something to post there. Maybe I'm putting off getting back to this piece of glass..could be???
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  1. It looks really interesting. I can't wait to see the finished product. Mary K.