Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AHHHH...Trials of Country Life

It's time for a little venting and since this is my very own blog, I have my very own permission. Last night the joys of country life and having our own water well came front and center. My husband came out of his bathroom..voice raised..and demanded to know if I had left the water on AGAIN from watering my flowers in the heat. Well..Duhhhh..I didn't remember. So, I jumped up, slipped on my flipflops and ran outside and checked both hoses. Luckily, I was in the clear. It was so really dark and it was late, so I knew it would be morning before we really could see the problem. So, no flushes allowed in the Jones house. See, if you live in town, you never have this little problem.
Well, the sun did come up and we did go up on the hill and get to take a look. We were keeping our fingers crossed that it was not a burned up water pump as we have our trip to Galveston for this weekend all arranged. Eureka!!! It was just fire ants..almost a monthly occurance this time of year as they seem to love electricity. Anyway, my hubby filed the points (whatever that is) on the motor, we put the coverhouse back down and I turned on the switch back down at the house for our main water system. And, it worked!!! If you've never fooled with fire ants, thank your lucky stars...they're awful.

Okay, now the second problem comes about. My neighbor who usually takes care of feeding our dog, cats and chickens is going to be out of town. So, now I'm on the hunt for another neighbor (nobody owes me any favors right now) to feed and water our critters while we on the beach. Will work on that in the morning as I'm going to be Scarlet O'Hara and procrastinate on this one.

Our daughter and son and their kids will join us for a last getaway before school starts. We've never all stayed in the same condo so this will be a new experience for all of us. I'm certain that I'll be the babysitter for the 4 month old granddaughter, but I'm looking forward to that. Our other granddaughter (a 4 yr old) has never seen the ocean (if you can call the Gulf of Mexico an ocean) and we're really looking forward to her reaction to it all. So...will check back in when we get home. As a sidebar..I have done a little work on my stripes and glass, but keep getting sidetracked. Figures!!!


  1. Fire ants are the worse. The bite before they land on you. Georgia has them bad. When it rains watch out you will have fresh ant hills in your yard. I am so glad you did not leave the water running. Always a good thing when it is not your fault. Yes the Gulf is the ocean and I think it is a beauty. Have a wonderful time. Save a few hours for yourself to look for shells. P.S. I love your art. You are quite talented.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ms.Fiddlesticks. In turn, I visited your blog...what fun. If I may ask, are you an artist? When I was on the art show circuits many years ago, one of my fav shows was the Newnan Art Festival, followed by Stonemountain. Always loved the drive from Texas to Georgia in the spring.