Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kitchen Kittens

This is a little "fluff" painting I wanted to do because I found this darling little salt/pepper shaker pair in a local antique boutique here in Noonday and thought they were too cute to pass up.  I have a huge collection of blue spatterware pottery and crockery that I've collected from my art show traveling days and thought they'd work in a composition.  My mother collected salt/pepper shakers and I probably have 50 of her sets packed away down in my studio from when we closed up my parents home.  Just makes me smile to look at it...and I painted it...ha.


  1. These little guys are so cute and so well painted, Mollie.

  2. Thanks Christiane and Suzy...just got in from a 10 day painting sessions with friends and will get some of our paintings and photos posted as soon as I find time.