Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ball Jar

Here is another painting of glass...this time I put some cherries and blueberries into a Ball fruit telling what I had canned in it years ago as I never throw any of these jars away.  I actually have a whole collection of different sizes and shapes...although they're sold today in most stores, most of mine came from either my mother or grandmother.  My reference photo was interesting with that area of light there separating the reds and blues and for some reason these photos always draw me in to try to paint what I see.  And, of course, there's the red...ha.


  1. Paintings created with pieces which bring back memories are always so interesting. I love the way you display the fruits as well as your choice of background. It's a beautiful painting Mollie bravo once again.

  2. Mollie! This is fabulous! You are on a roll here! I wish I could watch you paint glass. I need a lesson!

  3. Thanks, Christiane and Mary...y'all are always so supportive. Christiane, you need to teach me florals, and Mary you need to teach me birds...especially something like "Midas Touch".