Sunday, January 13, 2013

Silver/Crystal WIP

After taking a really long time off from posting to my blog (and I'm ashamed of myself for having my muse stay in Portugal) I decided I'd best get back with the program and start painting seriously again.  Found this drawing from last year that I had just not wanted to tackle...and I'm still thinking I'm crazy for jumping back in with this one...but I do love to paint silver and one is coming along nicely.  Hopefully I'll get it finished this coming week.  The silver topped decanter is one from my sister-in-law and the karaf is from a neighbor after I admired it so...too bad both are empty...ha.


  1. Welcome back.......The painting is beautiful already.

    1. Thanks so much, Vicki...when I get the crystal in, I'll go back to the karaf and adjust values. I appreciate you hanging in with my blog as it's been too long since I've posted.

  2. Looking good so far, Mollie xx

  3. Ooh, this is lovely! I really like the colors and the peaceful, soothing feeling to this. The mix of glass and delicate flowers is wonderful!

  4. Welcome bag to the blogging world, Mollie:-)
    This painting does certainly look challenging, but I know that it is going to be gorgeous.

  5. Thanks Pat, Katherine, and Christiane. My thought in getting back to the brushes was that I needed a challenging painting...and boy...did I get one. Thanks to you guys for looking in. I've told Pat earlier, but my camera is really off colorwise...this looks pretty pale here...guess my 10 yr old grandson needs to come out and use his techie skills to get me straight. I'll be painting more today as it's rainy and sleeting here in Texas so it's a good reason to stay inside. The crystal is next on the favorite part.

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