Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Thanks to one of my Artcolony blog friends, Bitsy Gibson, for the title to my latest painting.  Had so much blue going on except the pinks and greens in the hydrangeas and was totally stumped for a good title.  This paintings was mostly done in mid-tones...which is pretty hard for me to do since I usually charge in with lots of color...but I'm enjoying the calmness amidst all the busy elements.  Now it's time for another one, and there are some "must paints" that are calling my name.


  1. Love it.
    Thought I would try again! See if it will let me comment

  2. Thanks, Vicki...I apprecite it.

    Thanks, Suzy...doesn't it make you crazy with Blogger messes up our comments...does me.

    Rhonda...don't slap my hand because I fooled with the crystal decantur just a bit...couldn't help myself...ha.