Monday, August 29, 2011

Crystal w/Strawberry Demo in Florida

Have been having trouble with Blogger all day, but thought I'd try to post again. Isn't it crazy when you can't even post to your own blog? This is the "class" photo of the artist friends who met in Florida for a fabulous week of painting and friendship. Sure was hard to come back to the real world of 100+ temps here in Texas. Irene even gave us some strong back winds to whip up the surf and the waves were tremendous. We had one with us from SC and she was really watching the Weather Channel closely.

Only one of the artists finished the painting in this post, but wanted to get the whole bunch together for a photo for me. Just loved the teaching part, and every one of them produced marvelous paintings...I'm so proud. Their colors are wonderful...especially painting reds...and, there was no mud (hum...dirty word) at all... Bob Hague, a wonderful portrait artist from the Orlando area did a portrait demo and it was fabulous. His technique scared me to death, but I'm game to try it again for sure...he is a marvelous teacher. I'll post that tomorrow or so when I resize my pics...took so many good ones that it's hard to look through them all and not want to post our adventures. These friends were from a forum that I love...PaintingFriends...check it out when you have spare time... We had demos the first 3 1/2 days so we really pushed to get it all in...and there were so many things we left for our next "paint/vacation" adventure. One of the artists is showing her cactus demo...I didn't get them all together for a group shot of that painting, but hers will show you the first demo.


  1. That week seems to have been simply wonderful! I wish I could have been there.
    The paintings look fabulous!

  2. What a great photo and memento!
    So wish I could have been with you all xx

  3. It looks like the teacher did a good job. The paintings look great!

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