Thursday, June 9, 2011

Artcolony in Chicago

What a fabulous group of friends I have miracleously wound up with through our Artcolony blog. A group of 10 of us met in Chicago last week for a "reunion" although most of us had never met face to face...only on our blog. It was probably one of the most wonderful weeks of my life (and I'm getting pretty old as of last month...ha). These gals are from Texas, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and Indiana(Texas is always the biggest contributor to most stuff...heehee). We had such a wonderful week of laughing, giggling, sweating, walking, celebrating...the whole "enchilita" as we'd say here in Texas. It would take a book to relive all our "exploits" from learning to ride the mass transit train...the doing the "highbrow" stuff of enjoying the Art Institute and Cultural Arts Center to enjoying a stroll through the Oak Park, Illinois Farmer's Market. Never saw so many gorgeous peonies (we can't grow them here in Texas...too hot!). Talk about hot! Most of our photos show we ladies "dewing"...that's it was probably a record breaking heat wave for the Chicago area. But, we managed. The gals are...starting top of the stairs...Debbie Cannatella, Jane Freeman, Cindy Agan, Kaaren Oreck, Vernita Hoyt Bridges, Janel Belich, Mary Jansen, Ellie Sethman, and me...what a "congo line".

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  1. Now why didn't we sing Happy Birthday to you also? That could have been another night that got us nearly kicked out of our rooms!