Sunday, June 28, 2009

PJ's Glass Demo

We finally found the time to snap a picture of the four of us at the close of Paul's workshop. Marla, Debbie Cannatella, Paul and your's truly are displaying some of Paul's work. The painting he and I are holding was his workshop demo and both are stunning in real life. Now the challenge will be to come up with a great setup and painting on my own. Really looking forward to working in that direction, but now I'll need to get out and find some really neat glass to paint.


  1. I love that photo. You are such a cute little thing. :) I know you must have really enjoyed the workshop with Paul Jackson. He's phenomenal.

  2. Thanks Nita. I think I really had a "lightbulb" moment with Paul. Had never really understood the repetitive glazing (or layering as he calls it) and when you can actually see what is going on, it all comes together. He is coming back in January to do an architectural workshop and I'll probably take that to if I can rake up some more money. You know how these workshops add up. Ha!