Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo Session

Like I told myself earlier...I'm going to do better with posting to my blog!! This morning I took at least 15 pieces of crystal and different table cloths and other materials down to the studio to do setups in the East window. Wouldn't you know that the sun was not right! So, I'm getting everything ready for tomorrow morning. Have some really good ideas for crystal and glass with strawberries, or cheeries, or blueberries, or blackberries and the combinations of all of them. I'm trying to come up with some closeup pictures that would be suitable for some of the exhibition competitions I'd like to enter later this summer and, for sure, in the fall. Paul Jackson is coming here to Noonday to do a workshop on glass and reflections later on this month, and I'm going to be ready to take it all in like a sponge. Really excited about him as a teacher...he is sooooo accomplished!!!

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