Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Queen of the Garden

Here is a painting I just finished from Lian Zhen's SWS workshop in Dallas.  Lian is a master of pouring and negative painting and the workshop was really one of the best I've attended.


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    1. Thanks, Carol....this was the most fun I've had at a workshop in some time....and I was way out of my comfort zone. We only used 3 colors on the whole painting...Hansa yellow, Quin Rose, and Antwerp was a fun challenge though.

  2. It is wonderful, I like all your paintings!

  3. Thanks, Fortu....I don't usually like my workshop paintings as I tend to lose focus with so many painting around me, but I actually like this one. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. This is a fantastic painting Mollie! I love the negative painting technique you have used and the colors are wonderful. This painting looks absolutely perfect!

  5. Thanks, Christiane...I've fixed my blogger thingie so now I can post again...glad to see you're so busy.

  6. Thanks,'d have loved this workshop as you love all this riot of color.