Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cherry Tomatoes n'China

This is a small demo WIP I did for our Painting Friends Forum for July...thought the lace turned out pretty fair for a detail oriented artist who is trying to paint a bit looser ever now and then.  I enjoyed the little hits and misses of the lace holes...you really don't have to paint everything you see like I usually try to tell my brain.  Anyway, it was another fun painting to do.  Arches 140 and 8x10 size.


  1. Mollie, this is gorgeous...as all of your work. It is also, as you mentioned, surprisingly loose for you; you did a wonderful job on that lace when, yes, it is so tempting to paint each and every little hole:-)

  2. Thanks Christiane and Suzy...if you have time, check out the PaintingFriends demo for August...it's cherries, blueberries, and crystal...posted Aug 1st on the forum. Just did a demo of this for an art league group in another town nearby.