Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Visit To Texas...Jane Freeman and Janet Belich

My friend, Jane Freeman, called one day and asked to come to "hot Texas" to get out of the snow of Minnesota...what a thrill to have her visit.  And then, another friend from Artcolony (and my roomie from our Artcolony reunion in Chicago 2 years ago) couldn't stand it so she booked a flight down from Maryland for the week too.  We had such fun.  I had intended for us to do flower garden stuff, but it was a bit on the cool side...Janie was sweating in the 70's as she's used to snow and ice right now...but we turned on the AC and that worked.  Janet's weather is very much like ours, so she wasn't in "weather heaven" like Jane.  But, we fooled around all week...shopped, went to plant nurseries, and mostly giggled and talked art like kids (and we think we are...you know). 

We went out to our art retreat to meet the girls I paint with every Tuesday  and they were very happy to welcome Jane and Janet...we took pics and they signed our "wall of fame". 

The rest of the week we just fooled around...shopped Chico's(bad Janie!!), ate fried catfish several times, enjoyed some Tex-Mex, drank a little wine and just had a marvelous week.  Wish they could have stayed longer...but Friday I took them back to Dallas to catch their respective planes.  We'll do this again next year...maybe at one of there houses...that's a promise.


  1. Ok you three look absolutely fabulous. Wish I could have joined you girls. I have requested a trip to texas lets see if I will ever get there. Lovely lovely lovely ladies... xxxx

    1. Christiane...if you do get a Texas trip and are anywhere near me (that'd be a 3 to 4 hr drive any direction would work)...just let me know...we'll meet for sure.