Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring distractions

Spring is here in East Texas, and what a major distraction from my painting. Thought I'd show you my first peony poppies and amarylsis. I have both red poppies and the regular single lavender poppies (that look like opium poppies..hummmm). Also blooming right now, perennial amarlysis (the old red ones that you have to find at somebody's house and talk them into giving you a start), purple/gold/pink/blue iris, purple verbena, larkspur, gorgeous roses...goodness...there no place much prettier than Texas in the spring if you're an avid gardener. Hopefully, I'll get back to painting next week.


  1. Mollie, these are gorgeous and worth the distraction! Lucky you to be surrounded by that beauty. Here, we may get snow flurries tonight:-( Our spring is very, very late this year.

  2. Lovely flowers. Hope you will paint these soon!

  3. Stunning flowers, Mollie! xx

  4. Gosh! So many flowers around, I don't think it is possible for Artist to stop painting or at least wanting to paint wherever you go :)

    thank you Mollie for sharing.