Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cityscape WIP

The weather is terrible here today so I'm planning to spend the whole day painting. I started this cityscape (my first) yesterday at art retreat and it's from a friend's collection of photographs taken somewhere in Europe. The drawing is rather messy and once posted looks a bit crooked, but I though I'd show you where I am with it now. Lots of glazing yet to do and just the basic work there on the left side. I started at the bottom (which I've never done) as I needed to establish my darks before painting the buildings. The reference actually had lots of people in the street scene, but I didn't want to paint people so I used my artistic license (that Paul Jackson gave me during a workshop) and took them out. Hopefully I'll get this finished this's quarter sheet size and not really that easy to paint the detail when it's small like this. Next time I'll paint any cityscape in the half sheet size...good lesson learned.


  1. Mollie, this is looking good. I love the colors you are using, especially on the rooftops. I agree that a cityscape is very difficult on a quarter sheet.
    I wish you nicer weather, but also lots of painting time:-)

  2. Thanks, Christiane. I'm using Janie Freeman's formula for greys and I really like it. She uses phalo turquoise, perm rose and new sure can turn it many different ways. You might want to try it for your gorgeous florals.

  3. This is looking really good Mollie.
    There are some places I've been in France and Italy that have crooked little streets too, so it wouldn't read wrong to me :)
    Thanks for telling about the gray mix xx

  4. This is my fav of all I have seen you paint. You are a natural in painting Architecture. I wait anxiously for the next installment.

  5. Thanks Pat, Gretchen and Vernita...I have it finished now and just need to recharge my camera batteries...I enjoyed painting it, but I think I enjoyed drawing it more. I love to draw.