Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moon Pies

As usual, I'm running really late with my postings for ArtColony and this is the latest challenge going..."moon". There were several other subject lines with a moon that I just couldn't see painting and one of my artist friends from Houston, Nita , suggested MoonPies. Loved the idea. In my childhood, when we came home from school we usually had a moon pie and a Pepsi. These challenges are not major productions so we can really throw something out..and this is just that..thrown out! I drew it in about an hour, painted it in about 2 hours and need to do a little more detail work, but our deadline for ArtColony is the 15th. in addition to being tax deadline (for the final extension..DUH!), is the challenge deadline. This piece is only 5 x 7 so if any of you punch this up, it will look really "messy" as it will be sooooo large in magnification. Sorry about that. I still have not honed my computer tech skills enough to know how to get to the right editing program with Photoshop yet to reduce the posting sizes. I will admit to eating this setup of MoonPies, although I did half it with our dog, Gunney. On the wrapper it stated the calories at 300 so I couldn't make myself be that indulgent. And, Gunney doesn't care about calories!


  1. Wow it looks so realistic! Good job.

  2. How fun, Mollie! It cretaily looks good enough to eat and very nice of you to share :)

  3. Thanks Mary and Tracy. These Artcolony challenges are always fun and usually make me paint something that I wouldn't ordinarily paint.