Monday, May 4, 2009

Texas Style Daffy Doll Chicks

On my other blog,, we have a monthly challenge where we all paint an agreed upon subject and intrepret it any way we wish. Our May challenge was "Daffy Dolls" and my painting was a result of several of my artist friends coming to town for a workshop and coming out to our farm. We went down to the chicken yard to see the chickies and took pictures. This just happened to be one of those pictures, plus several of the resident chickens thrown in here and there. It's pure fluff and such fun as I tend to get rather sloppy unless I'm doing a "serious" piece. Had done a larger version and got too ambitious and ruined it and just had to start over. But...the girls are telling me that they can see a likeness to all of us (heaven forbid) so I guess it works in some quarters.

I did one for April that I particularly liked of "messes" and it was a crumpled up Whataburger sack and drink cup. Will post that when I can find it on Picasa. I'm just not that great with the computer posting of photos yet.


  1. I do think you got a likeness of us all, and the painting is as FUN as the day was!

  2. Thanks days are good days.

  3. I wish that I could have been there.